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Custom Website Design For
Maximum Business Impact

Website Design For Construction, Builders, Remodelers,
and Blue Collar 

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A website that Works is a website that wins

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to web design. How a website performs matters much more than how it looks. That's why it's important to never sacrifice function for style: achieve both in your business website. 

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Who Do We Work With?

McCoy Web Services is a web design company based in North Carolina. We work with blue collar businesses all over the United States of America including:

  • Construction Companies
  • Home Remodeling
  • Builders
  • Blue Collar Businesses
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Drywall Companies
  • Contractors
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Real Estate
  • & Much More
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Who Are We? 

We are a family owned web design business who seeks out and supports blue collar businesses around the United States. Here at McCoy Web Services, we believe that construction, builders, small businesses, and blue collar workers are the backbone of America.

We strive to help them flourish and increase revenue through reaching more people with the use of beautifully and carefully designed websites.

We not only create websites, but we use search engine optimization techniques (SEO) to help improve your rankings and boost exposure to your site.

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What makes Us Different

At McCoy Web Services, we believe in creating high-performance websites. All of our sites are optimized with on-page SEO, meaning that they rank better in search engine results and drive more organic traffic. We also make sure that all of the code is clean and organized so that it works flawlessly across different browsers and devices and is easily indexed by Google. 

To ensure that our websites get the best performance scores, we take the extra time to optimize site content for site speed, load times, and overall user experience. We also make sure that all of our websites are fully optimized for mobile devices so that users can access them from any device.

What Our Customers HAve To Say

"We are simply blown away with the quality of service we received from McCoy's web services...We are so pleased with the quality of the work and customer care that we received..."

- J&J Kitchen Cabinets

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