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Videographer / Editor Pre-Qualification Form

Our Video Editing Contractor Application aims to bring together talented freelance video editors who wish to join our team of video editors. We welcome any skillset you possess - be it editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve or visual effects tools such as After Effects, Blender or Cinema 4D; color grading sound design motion graphics color grading color design! In addition to traditional video editing abilities we are keen on discovering experience such as storyboarding creation animation production, sound mixing, visual storytelling, etc

Your insights regarding project timelines, price structures, and any additional details you wish to share will enable us to assess the feasibility of our partnership. We look forward to learning how your skills complement our needs and negotiating an arrangement that best serves both sides of our partnership!

Our partnership would be on a project basis. If we believe your skills would fit well within our team, we will reach out with more details. Thank you for applying and showcasing some of your video editing skills!