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A portion of the profit from each project we complete will now be going towards the selected charities/organizations listed below. 

Help Make a Difference by Engaging in Projects with McCoy Web Services

At McCoy Web Services, we believe in giving back. Every project we complete not only delivers outstanding web design services but also contributes to a greater cause. That is why we have carefully selected three charities/organizations which reflect our values and vision for giving back. Although we deeply admire the work done by these charities, we have not designed or contributed to their websites or digital platforms in any way. Instead, we pledge to donate 10% of the profit for each completed project back towards supporting their missions. At McCoy Web Services, our goal is to amplify their incredible work and make a tangible impact in communities they serve. If you have a particular preference, don't hesitate to let us know and rest assured, we'll help select one for you if you don't know which one to choose. Together we can bring about meaningful change through projects together.

HeartCry Missionary Society

HeartCry Missionary Society is a faith-driven organization focused on spreading the Gospel worldwide. Their platform provides mission updates from various regions such as Asia, Africa and Latin America highlighting events like baptisms, church plants and evangelism efforts - their presence is found in 66 countries supporting 345 missionaries who all work toward spreading the Gospel among nations. Their website highlights various mission updates and documentaries while emphasizing giving opportunities and how it helps further their cause.

Go to HeartCry Missionary Society Website ->

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking

Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking (FAAST) is a joint Christian initiative with the goal of combatting slavery and human trafficking. Their primary objective is mobilizing communities to actively fight these crimes, while simultaneously supporting survivors' rehabilitation. FAAST envisions a world free of slavery and exploitation - their headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland where their team remains dedicated to their vision of creating a better world.

Go to Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking Website ->

Feeding the Nations

Feeding The Nations is a humanitarian organization founded to provide vital aid to those in need. Borne out of a desire to assist victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, this non-profit was officially formed in February 2005. Feeding The Nations has never faltered in its pledge to spread God's love through meeting critical needs in developing countries. Their outreach now spans 75 nations and they have distributed over $100 Million worth of goods and services; including 150 Million meals! Their efforts include helping refugees flee crises like that in Ukraine as well as earthquake relief services in Turkey and Syria. Donations are vital in supporting this organization's global missions, so any donations, one-time or recurring, are crucially needed.

Go to Feeding the Nations Website ->

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